Is Your Cloud Provider Enterprise-class?

Ahsan Quadri By Ahsan Quadri Product Marketer, Virtustream April 27, 2018

Agility, flexibility, programmatic deployments, and the financial advantages of OPEX – you have probably heard these popular benefits of cloud at least a million times by now. Yes, they are well known, but if you are no longer inspired by these benefits and are looking for more, you are not alone.

Up until a few years ago, enterprises adopted cloud primarily to streamline their IT infrastructure and reduce costs. Today, enterprises are looking beyond these benefits and increasingly, moving enterprise workloads to cloud with a new set of IT priorities and requirements to transform and gain new measurable business benefits. If you are an enterprise IT leader who has been tasked with taking your game to this next level, you need a cloud service that is designed and built for the enterprise.

New Set of Enterprise IT Priorities

Since the dawn of cloud until a few years ago, your enterprise IT priorities were likely driven by Systems of Engagement type applications such as email, web, test and development type workloads with a focus on IaaS. The new set of IT priorities are laser focused on making cloud the go-to-platform for the Systems of Record. This means leveraging cloud to run the back-office ERP type systems, the mission-critical applications such as SAP and Oracle to power innovations, optimize business processes, improve customer experiences, and even move into new industries.

Why Enterprise-class Matters

Like most enterprises, you probably have a large and very complex IT landscape, including several custom or legacy enterprise applications. You will likely admit that running them on-premises is anything but easy. Significant in-house expertise is required, which you may or may not already have. Running them in the cloud? It can be a risky undertaking unless your cloud provider brings the total package to the table. Does the cloud provider have the expertise to support mission-critical workloads and applications? Are they capable of covering all bases, from infrastructure up to the application layer?

Virtustream believes a true enterprise-class cloud service should meet the following key requirements:

  • Infrastructure that is built to support I/O intensive, mission-critical applications
  • High availability and performance up the cloud stack, backed by enforceable SLAs
  • Facilitated governance-risk-compliance (GRC) management
  • Security for a trusted cloud environment to run the most sensitive enterprise data
  • Assessment, onboarding, and migration services
  • Proactive infrastructure and application managed services
  • One global helpdesk, 24x7x365

The good news? You don’t need walk your cloud journey alone. If you are uncertain about your cloud provider’s ability to meet the above enterprise-class capabilities, pursue a cloud provider that focuses on delivering enterprise-class, mission-critical services.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Answers the Call

Virtustream’s cloud operating model simplifies your cloud journey. We know that moving your mission-critical enterprise workloads to cloud should never be a one-off, disjointed exercise. Here are some key benefits of Virtustream Enterprise Cloud that you should consider, and ones that you likely won’t find with a general purpose public cloud provider:

  1. Assessment, Onboarding and Migration Services – You start your cloud journey with Virtustream through a detailed assessment, onboarding and migration of your enterprise workloads. Once your IT systems go live on Virtustream Enterprise Cloud and reach steady-state, the project is then transitioned to our managed services team.
  2. Proactive Managed Services – From infrastructure up to applications, Virtustream proactively focuses on making sure that your mission-critical workloads continue to function flawlessly.
  3. Performance assurance – Virtustream assures application performance by offering performance-based SLAs made possible by proactive network, compute, memory and storage optimizations, guaranteed IOPs and low application latency.
  4. Availability and Resiliency – Built in disaster recovery and data protection for high availability workloads, up to 99.999% availability for IaaS and up to 99.9% availability for OS/DB/SAP Basis.
  5. End-to-end Security – From industry-standard capabilities such as role-based access to the more complex features of encrypting data at rest, in-use, and in motion to Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) integration, enterprises can be confident that data is secured and protected in a trusted environment.
  6. Strong Commitment to Compliance – Virtustream works closely with enterprises to ensure that their enterprise workloads are hosted in the right environment based on specific government and industry specific compliance needs.
  7. True consumption-based Billing – Patented Virtustream MicroVM technology, a single, unified metric to measure their usage of cloud resources, allowing enterprises to only pay for the resources actually consumed, unlike the typical t-shirt sized utility billing from the general purpose public cloud providers offer.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud for SAP

Virtustream has a very long and deep relationship with SAP. Our unparalleled expertise in SAP enables us to offer complete SAP portfolio coverage, including SAP ERP, S/4HANA, SAP HANA, SAP Data Hub and Business One in the cloud. With over 1,000 SAP migrations under our belt, we know how to run SAP applications faster in the cloud, with reduced risk and lower TCO than traditional models.

So let’s begin your enterprise cloud journey! You will never walk alone because we will be with you every step of the way.


Ahsan Quadri

About Ahsan Quadri

Product Marketer, Virtustream

Ahsan has been with Virtustream since 2016 and he is currently responsible for marketing Virtustream Enterprise Cloud. As a passionate product marketer, his expertise includes leading strategic go-to-market initiatives and product development programs from concept to execution.

During his tenure at Virtustream, he has spearheaded the launch of several important Virtustream cloud services, including Virtustream Pivotal Cloud Foundry Service, Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, Virtustream Big Data Service and Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Connector for VMware vRealize Automation.

With over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, first as engineer and now as a product marketer, Ahsan provides a unique combination of technical and business acumen, with a proven track record for building a brand and relevance with customers by utilizing go-to-market strategies.

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