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Big Data for the People! – Digital Transformation Part 1

Alan Walsh By Alan Walsh Vice President, Global Support Center August 27, 2015

Tour de France

tour de franceIn the end, perhaps this year’s Tour de France didn’t quite live up to pre-race billing. The battle of “Big Four” Grand Tour winners never materialized until the penultimate day on Alpe D’Huez. Overall though, it was an amazing spectacle.

saddle transponderApart from the race itself, one very new and interesting thing stood out – the GPS transponder located under each bike rider’s saddle.

Innovation comes in many forms and this GPS technology, delivered by EMC partner Dimension Data, allowed viewers a “Big Data” view of the entire race. For the first time real-time telemetry data was collected from each rider, showing the technical transformation of the Tour de France.

race records

The information produced was extremely interesting, and I noticed many parallels with the “Digital Transformation” change sweeping across our industry.

EMC Information Infrastructure CEO David Goulden recently referred to this Digital Transformation as “a method for customers to take more of their respective businesses online, to make it more efficient, simplified and agile”.

EMC customers are mapping out a digital future by applying new technology to change and enhance their business. David also said we cannot ignore these digital pressures due to the clear economic benefits they bring.

It’s obvious that the owners of the Tour de France product – Amoury Sport Orgainzation (ASO) – have adopted this digital transformation philosophy by investing in innovative technology early in its lifecycle, and it will be very interesting to see the evolution in this telemetry in the coming years.

Again for the first time, viewers could observe performance, workload, output, speed – all key technology drivers. As a further illustration, check ou this Tableau-based graphic of a large crash (one of many) that happened on Stage 3 this year – does this type of data output look familiar?

tableau graphic

EMC Customer Service

In parallel, the EMC Customer Service team continues to evolve and provide our customers and partners the platform to lead and accelerate this “Digital Transformation”. EMC is the best-positioned vendor to partner with in the areas of Converged Infrastructure and Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. Customer Service has also been evolving in this journey. The online content transformation in the Data Protection Solutions (DPS) division is a recent successful example.

This initiative focused on sharing our experiences via high-value customized online content to customers. As with the Tour de France, it was achieved by analyzing the records associated with “transponders” – in this case, our incoming customer chat channel. These efforts yielded continued growth and adoption of this online information sharing philosophy. The graphic below illustrates that focused content and distribution channels are resonating with the needs of our customers. Our online articles went from zero to 300 in less than a year and generated more than 100,000 views.

article views

This represents the result of focus on innovation, simplification, ease of use, agility, and speed in making our customers successful. Now that’s a seriously compelling argument! Watch this space as we continue to expand these efforts across the rest of the product portfolio to increase benefits to our customers.

I’ll summarize by going back to the Tour de France. This innovative technology provided a new way to aggressively accelerate the consumption of traditional information to a real-time model. Our customers continue to partner with EMC because we innovate and simplify their own business performance, information consumption and ongoing success. We welcome that responsibility, as in turn, it drives us to want to be more successful. Check out some of the interesting Tour de France statistics below:

riders burned


power output

Make sure to check back for Part 2 in this Digital Transformation series where I’ll focus on EMC’s “Customer Service Transformation” initiative. It’s still exciting to be part of an EMC team that makes our customers successful through our own journey and experiences in our technology.

Alan Walsh

About Alan Walsh

Vice President, Global Support Center

Alan has been with EMC (now Dell EMC) since 1995, primarily in Services. Those years give him a unique perspective on the Dell EMC Services portfolio as well as global customers. Alan spent much of his career interacting directly with executive customers in all situations and geographies, and is currently responsible globally for Global Support Center.

Prior to this, Alan had global business leadership roles responsible for Remote Delivery for the EMC Data Protection and Availability portfolio, Unified Storage Division (1000+ team), and proactive customer engagement related to EMC’s Elite Program and Account Management Services. In these roles Alan also worked directly with both EMC and customer executives as needed on business problems and growing customer relationships.

Alan honed his technical, leadership and change management skills within EMC’s Support and Manufacturing organizations, and has applied his deep experience of EMC’s technology to grow the skill sets of both internal and partner service teams.

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