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What is Your Tipping Point? Insights on Technology Deployment

Anna Le By Anna Le Vice President, Enterprise Services Product Group April 12, 2018

Insights on navigating the complexity of your IT transformation

I often talk with customers about IT Transformation – frequently, what they discuss is the maze of options that make it challenging to set priorities and difficult to avoid incomplete implementation of new technologies.

Recently we engaged with IDC and Principled Technologies, to examine what factors most impact the transformation process, driving increased costs, delayed adoption and IT distraction from business goals. Combined with our internal research about support calls for newly deployed equipment, the studies paint a clear picture of lost time, and hidden opportunity costs in traditional DIY approaches to planning, installation and implementation. When you look at the real deployment costs of servers, storage, data protection and networking, what is your tipping point? When is it to your advantage to shift resources away from these efforts and instead focus your business on performing a real transformation?

Is using internal IT resources for deployment planning really less expensive? Is it the best allocation of existing IT resources? I was reading in a recent study from Forbes, that the top goal for IT Transformation was reducing IT costs.  Followed by being first to market with new products then shifting budget to strategic projects1.  Our own research has uncovered that two of those objectives can be helped by optimizing deployment and shifting the burden of deployment away from internal IT, these savings can open opportunity to succeed on the third.

We took a look at the number of support contacts our customers required in the first 90 days for servers, storage and networking.  We’ve found that systems deployed by our Dell EMC experts have up to 49% fewer technical support calls within the first 90 days vs. self-installed systems2.  This can directly impact the timing and costs related to having your systems production ready.

More dynamic processes in the datacenter will allow for a more flexible and resilient environment, and this provides the foundation for effective business transformation” – IDC’

Year after year the research firm IDC has found that 80% of IT time is spent on day-to-day tasks and only 20% on innovation1. They have also found that provisioning/deployment and remediation activities take up most of this time. To see the impact efficient deployments make on this situation, IDC performed a worldwide survey on datacenter deployment experiences.

Datacenter Deployment Analysis

IDC’s analysis of the survey data revealed that as companies move from basic to optimized deployment they save significant cost in terms of staff time and lower impact on their enterprise users1.  By saving hundreds of hours per deployment they can shift this time and cost savings to other forward leaning initiatives.  In addition, the study showed that organizations who perform these tasks often, experience fewer issues and gain greater efficiency1.

When I see customers who are using ad-hoc and manual means of deployment, I see customers who are spending more time and money than they should. At the same time that hardware is becoming easier to install, what customers need to do with it is becoming increasingly more complex.  To respond we developed the ProDeploy Suite of services with the goal of making it easy to pair a deployment need with the right level of service. Over decades our team has developed automation and standardization along with the expertise that can only be gained from doing every type of configuration you can imagine, in every type of environment, all over the world.

We reached out to Principled Technologies to quantify this impact through their testing. They compared deployment times of a typical stack including servers, storage, and networking.  Their in-house administrator and a Dell EMC-certified ProDeploy engineer separately set up the same solution in their data center. Findings showed a significant decrease in project planning time and in-house admin time with an overall 66% faster time to deploy with ProDeploy3.  Just picture for yourself what your team could spend 66% more of their time on to really transform the business.

Taking a hard look at these findings should give you a solid reason to examine your own strategy for installing and implementing new infrastructure technologies.  Using ProDeploy or ProDeploy Plus can deliver faster, better and lower cost deployments while you focus your talents on what your company does best. Beyond our ProDeploy suite, Dell EMC offers organizations other ways to both optimize their own deployments through our Infrastructure Deployment Assessments, and the ability to add expertise to IT through Dell EMC Educational Services and our Residency Service.

1 Source: Forbes Insights on IT Transformation – IT Transformation on CIO – CFO Collaboration Study
2Based on a July 2017 internal analysis of support data from Feb. 2016 through June 2017 for Dell PowerEdge, Dell Networking, and Dell SCv/PS/PowerVault Storage devices.  Actual results may vary.
3Source: Based on “Bring new systems to production readiness faster and with less effort from in-house administrators”, a Principled Technologies Test Report commissioned by Dell, February 2017. Full report found here:
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