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The Sir Richard Branson Effect and Orwellian Retailing 101: EMC InFocus Weekly Roundup, Friday March 16, 2012

Community Manager By Community Manager March 16, 2012

Richard Branson’s very own slice of Heaven, Necker Island, may not have been on your radar as your business office,

but as Dan Sigmon points out, you too may be able to Do Your Job In Paradise.  This may alternatively be known as The Sir Richard Branson Effect,  except you don’t have to be a multi billion dollar business mogul to get in on the action.

eTailers aren’t the only businesses using a mashup of data and technology to better serve their customers.  Brick and Mortars are finding ways to capitalize on tech that helps improve the in-store shopping experience for their clients.  In Honey, I’m HomeDave Blakelock takes a look at how 2 retailers are honing their “1984” -like tech skills very differently in the name of higher touch customer service in 2012.

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