Bring on those Sexy #VSPEX

By Dan Sigmon April 12, 2012

One of the things that I’m most passionate about in life and also in my job are tools that make things easy and less complex.  It’s not that I mind working hard, but what I HATE, yes (HATE) is not working smart.  I could go on for days on a soap box about said topic but here are some killer things that come to mind which make my life and job easier!

  1. Great processes which  are easy to use and follow.
  2. Killer Mobile Apps, that with a flick of a button, let me  accomplish doing all of my travel arrangements without ever having to touch a computer or print a piece of paper.
  3. Cloud data storage (all my data in one place, heck yeah! Don’t even get me started!)
  4. The revolutionary vision of Apple and Steve Jobs to make technology sexy and easy to use. Don’t get me wrong, I love to tinker, but I’m more of an information consumer these days, and really get a warm fuzzy when things just work.  If I want to tinker, I want to do it to play, not to get something to work the way it should in the first place.
  5. VCE vBlock – Because converged infrastructure is the easiest solution to support, implement with the speed of business – More killer info on vBlock by Chuck Hollis aka @chuckholis here and Chad Sakacc aka @sakacc here.
  6. NOW EMC VSPEX!!!!! – YEEEHAW!!! – I think today’s VSPEX launch really hits the sweet spot between the vBlock converged infrastructure model and a complete open, source each component individually model.  See what Chuck and Chad have to say about the details here and here.
  7. Lastly, anything that just – Keeps it simple stupid (KISS).


I really loved the vBlock concept, but I think the sweet spot VSPEX will fill is amazing and can’t wait to see this play out!

Psychology says when people have too many choices, they tend to over analyze and not move forward.  The other side of that is, we all want choices, we want to have ownership, it makes us happy.  I look at VSPEX as a directed choice.  I think this is a great happy medium.

What are your thoughts on vBlock and VSPEX?  I look forward to hearing what you guys have on your mind.



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