How Do You Help Customers On-board to Your Cloud? – Part 2

Dave Shepherd By Dave Shepherd December 23, 2015

So in my last post, I talked about how you’ve probably got a plethora of cloud platforms scattered across the globe and being unable to correctly position and sell them is having a negative impact on your business.

Wow! That sounds a bit gloomy – lets see if we can cheer things up a bit.

Not all hope is lost. What would greatly help is if you were able to determine key decision driving characteristics of your cloud platform and compare them against one another and also against industry leading competitors for their suitability to host a customer’s application.

Did that cheer things up a bit?

What I’ve heard from various conversations with customers is that they want a way to be able to compare ‘apples with apples,’ meaning they want a way to have each of their cloud platforms characterised across a number of key workload quality indicators. And then, what takes it even one step further is analysing their applications for their ‘cloud fit’ and suitability for their cloud platforms. Over and over again I hear that this is what customers have been trying to do with their cloud platforms and applications.

Now, being able to do this in an on-demand Software-as-a-Service model would be like getting your proverbial cake and eating it too, right?

It is critical for organizations providing cloud platforms to unlock the potential of their platforms while simultaneously gaining clarity among internal sales and pre-sales teams regarding their offerings’ capabilities. With this greater understanding, these teams will be optimally enabled to position and sell their specific cloud offerings. And thus, they can even further drive value and growth for their organization.  Many tech companies now are developing services and products to try to help organizations do just this, to analyse and evaluate their workloads for cloud models. This includes us here at EMC.

We are already successfully helping large multi-national organisations make target platform decisions for upwards of 20,000 applications. We perform bulk data uploads and clearly define supply and demand characteristics across business functions, applications, and technical implementation patterns. We can then make quick and informed recommendations on whether those applications should be placed on public, private or managed cloud platforms. Even further than that, we can determine if it should be the secure, multi-tenant, single-tenant, public, enterprise-public, managed, private-managed or even hybrid version.

We are constantly talking with customers and their cloud platform owners (business, technical and service) to codify their unique selling points and the value proposition of their cloud platform. It is an essential step to determining if the right applications are placed in the right cloud. Through this determination, customers, sales teams, service delivery managers, executives, and shareholders, are made happier and productivity, efficiency, and simplicity is increased across the board.

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