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Dave Shepherd By Dave Shepherd April 4, 2016

My previous posts in this series have introduced the concept and driving forces behind a large scale IT Transformation. I discussed introducing a centralized ‘fact based’ repository that captures business demand and aligns to IT supply.

This post will discuss how we can do that with a proven, programmatic framework and underlying methodology to help you start to deliver cost savings, increase value and improve overall agility for your business.

Our approach emphasizes the need to align business demand with IT supply creating a business-aligned infrastructure.

To achieve this we have developed a robust framework and complimentary methodology that in our view meets this core tenant of IT transformation and delivers a high Quality of Experience to the business users.

By understanding the key business drivers their related Key Performance Indicators, Workload Quality Profiles and ultimately their supporting Application and Infrastructure Characteristics we are able to bring fact based recommendations for transformation to your business.

Our advanced pattern classification model allows us to deliver a repeatable, reliable and ultimately extremely efficient approach to application and infrastructure transformation.

When you couple this hard analysis with a detailed operating model review that can enable Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and (if you’re brave enough) Continuous Delivery across the entirety of your as-a-Service offerings you can clearly define your future mode of operation (FMO).

Proven across all scales of customers and across multiple verticals we have successfully enabled and delivered large-scale transformation programs that deliver reduced costs, increased productivity and improved reliability.

The CIO conundrum can be solved – you just need to think differently, embrace change and trust the industry experts in technology transformation.

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