Perfectly Placed for a Federation Transformation – Divide & Conquer

Dave Shepherd By Dave Shepherd March 16, 2016

In my last post I discussed how the CIO has multiple influencing factors / forces to compete with in their daily lives and how remaining focused on the core objectives of reducing cost, increasing value and improving agility is key to delivering success.

In this post I will discuss the concept of transforming a large legacy IT estate that supports multiple business units across potentially a global geographic.

Most large organizations will already have completed (or at least started) a high level business value chain (BVC) that at a high-level describes the key business functions and corresponding business activities that support those functions.


If you haven’t don’t worry, as most industries have a standard approach to business that can be modified to meet specific requirements in a very short period of time. For instance we have templates for Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Government Services, Education, Telco, Law Enforcement and many more, that allow us to expedite the entire process.

These BVC’s are important because they allow us to identify areas of the enterprise that can be transformed in isolation or with minimal impact to other areas.

We can identify, align and make recommendations on a sub-set of your business applications by understanding the BVC and how your applications and ultimately infrastructure supports them. This means we can quickly begin to release costs, improve agility and deliver improved value to individual lines of business.

We can divide and conquer. Delivering transformation in easily digestible bite sized chunks that your business, IT teams and partner/vendor ecosystem can sustain.

In my next post I will be discussing how we abstract and understand before finally talking about analyzing and delivering.

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