Perfectly Placed for a Federation Transformation – CIO Predicament

Dave Shepherd By Dave Shepherd March 1, 2016

Application Rationalization and Digitalization, Infrastructure Modernization and Migration, Continuous Software Delivery, Operating Model Design and Implementation.

Couple these with business case development on-going business model and functional model improvements and the struggles of your average CIO are clear to see.

We have been riding the crest of a wave within enterprise IT over the last decade. Having stabilized IT and moved to an Industrialized IT model internal IT departments could rest easy in the belief that they were delivering good value and service to their businesses.

Unfortunately whilst they were in ‘feed and water’ mode, youthful, agile and hungry competitors have started to disrupt not only their masters business models but they have also began to question the whole purpose of an internal IT department that has become bloated, slow and to some extent out-dated.

Your average CIO has more to do today than understand business requirements and deliver solutions to meet that demand. They now have to defend their purpose, including but not limited to budgets, personnel, applications, infrastructure and overall lack of agility.

All this whilst the business is looking at a potential merger and acquisition or divestment opportunity that will require a disruptive change to the steady state or directly impact carefully planned upgrades, enhancements or operating model improvements.

Phew! Life as a CIO is tough. Did I also mention the technology factors he has to deal with? Cloud, Digital, Mobility, Big Data and Security to name just a few.

They will also have daily meetings with advisory and consulting stalwarts who want to impress on them their understanding of the current landscape and how their frameworks, methodologies and solutions can help the CIO solve these problems.

A lot of plates to keep spinning and a lot of spin to digest in the day of your average CIO when all they really want is to meet their primary objectives of reducing cost, increasing value and improving agility.

In my next post I’ll talk about how we can divide and conquer, abstract and understand before finally talking about how we analyze and deliver.

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