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David Ayers By David Ayers Senior Product Marketing Manager, Virtustream April 27, 2018

As enterprises of all kinds move more applications to the cloud, many soon realize that full IT transformation can take more time and resources to plan, re-architect, and manage than previously expected. While there is no shortage of cloud solutions, learning how to assemble the tools, troubleshoot issues, and build optimized applications can often result in significant hidden costs. The cost of learning “as you go” can be steep.

Migration Barriers

Moving workloads to the cloud requires CIOs to undergo significant planning. A considerable part of this exercise involves the architecture and management of the solution. Public clouds can offer substantial cost savings, but only if upfront planning, design, and development occur. Why is this? While modern web-scale applications were designed to run in the cloud, most enterprises still rely on a broad mix of existing mission-critical applications that were not necessarily intended to operate in a cloud computing environment, nor were they designed to scale up or down on demand. Often, directory services and additional third-party applications are required to support the entire workload, complicating migration planning and overall outcomes.

Design Matters

The core theme of the public cloud model is “do it yourself.” While public cloud solutions offer an array of solution components, organizations must design and build their solution from the tools available. Enterprises are on the hook to understand the intricacies of these elements upfront and how they interact with other solution components to create the cloud-native workload. The self-service model is therefore just that – self-service, do it yourself, where customers still shoulder the IT operational burden of managing the solution, or are forced to rely on long-term third-party agreements for services. If organizations wish to maintain operational control over the workload they are forced to support onboarding, administration, and governance tasks that command valuable skillsets when there is a shortage of knowledgeable staff.

Virtustream—Acceleration to Value

As an organization’s IT budget remains stagnant or even decreases, expectations for new technology and faster results are doing the opposite – they are continuing to increase. With workloads that may not fit the cloud-native category, organizations need a turnkey solution that allows them to realize better costs and greater efficiency with their existing workloads while providing them the ability to architect the cloud-native applications of the future. Virtustream is unique in how we accelerate and improve customers’ go-to-market experience. Built for the enterprise, Virtustream powers the complex, mission-critical applications that keep factories running, commerce moving, patient care improving, and helping governments serve their constituents. What many people may not realize is that Virtustream can simultaneously power traditional mission-critical workloads and enable customers to evolve and transform their applications – all under the same roof. From managed services that maximize value for mission-critical applications, to the ability to develop and deliver the cloud-native applications of the future in less time and with less complexity – – Virtustream has created an evolving platform for digital transformation.

Transform IT

Virtustream provides organizations flexibility through the ability to migrate and run existing applications better while offering valuable time to plan for the modernization of current applications and building new cloud-native applications. Organizations can take that intermediary step to the cloud today without having to make that giant leap to re-architecting every application to achieve cloud-native immediately. Cloud platform infrastructure is only part of the mission-critical workload story. When leveraging managed services, organizations can realize true IT transformation through comprehensive IT management solutions that raise the bar on current operations and ensure that the most value and performance is gained from information infrastructures.

Begin Your Transformation

All clouds are not the same, and not every cloud provides a seamless single-vendor experience. Choose the right cloud for the right app. Attend this session to learn about the highly evolved Virtustream cloud service based on Dell, Dell EMC, Virtustream and VMware technologies. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud delivers uncompromised performance while driving higher utilization rates and public-cloud scale pricing power.

David Ayers

About David Ayers

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Virtustream

David has been part of the Virtustream Product Marketing team since 2017 where he has focused on public sector and healthcare regulated markets. David has spent much of his career immersed in managed web and application hosting and possesses a unique blend of product management, product marketing, and sales experience.

Before Virtustream, David was a Solutions Marketing Manager with Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and Verizon Terremark, responsible for marketing managed hosting, cloud services, and telephony solutions.

David honed his technical and management skills at Digex (later Verizon), and SunGard Availability Services, advancing from a Solutions Architect to Senior Product Manager for hosting, managed services, and cloud platforms.

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