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[RECORDED WEBINAR] Survive a Modern Cyber-Attack with Isolated Recovery

David Edborg By David Edborg Portfolio Manager, Business Resiliency July 27, 2016

We’ve been talking about Cyber Attacks over the past couple of months, and the feedback from readers is you want a deeper understanding of how these attacks are different and  tangible actions you can take to protect your organization. This webinar is going to take you through a “typical” cyber-attack and discuss how traditional protection approaches fall short.  Finally we will discuss strategies and approaches to leverage Isolated Recovery as a means to address the latest threats and ensure your critical data can withstand a cyber-attack.  Sign up now!

Webinar Name: Survive a Modern Cyber Attack with Isolated Recovery
Date and Time: August 10th at 10am PT/1pm ET
Duration: 60 Minutes

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and devastating.  Hackers are not just corrupting your data, but going after your backups or cutting off your data access and holding it for ransom. Are you really protected? Isolated Recovery is the latest protection mechanism to address the latest threats to ensure your critical data can withstand a cyber-attack.


David Edborg

About David Edborg

Portfolio Manager, Business Resiliency

David originally joined EMC (now Dell EMC) in 2005 and is currently the Portfolio Manager for Dell EMC Business Resiliency Services. Over his career at Dell EMC, David has served as a Global Practice Manager for Availability Technologies, as an Availability Services Solutions Principal, and as the Chief Architect for EMC’s Continuous Availability Services Line.

David has over thirty years in the computer security and disaster recovery industries. Out of college David worked as an IBM Assembler coder and wrote operating system mods for ACF2/VM; the first ever security product for IBM’s Virtual Machine OS. He has worked with other vendors and partners in the DR industry, including supporting recoveries from the 9/11 event. David has also worked in the packaged software industry as Director of Development and Support for a computer security product.

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