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Analytic Insights Module from Dell EMC: Batteries Included and No Assembly Required

Joshua Siegel By Joshua Siegel Director, Big Data & IOT Consulting Dell EMC October 19, 2016

If you have kids (or buy presents for kids!), you understand the value of a present that comes ready to use – no need to buy batteries, no assembly required, no complex packaging, no need to download and install the “app”, no need to charge it for 12 hours before your you can use it, and no need to read pages of poorly translated instructions. Dell EMC has developed just such a product for organizations that need predictive, transformative business analytics right away: fully-engineered, configured, with integrated technology to simplify the ecosystem across the data analytics life cycle!

Analytic Insights Module from Dell EMC combines self-service data analytics with cloud-native application development into a single cloud platform. It allows data analytics teams to produce analytic insights while reducing both time-to-value and the cost of operationalizing those insights. Analytic Insights Module infrastructure provides for massive efficiencies over ‘do-it-yourself’ options – with an integrated data lake (Dell EMC Isilon or Dell EMC ECS) and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (delivered via Native Hybrid Cloud) along with centralized support. The design delivers industry-leading access control and security, both rapid and controlled data ingestion and governance, as well as user-friendly provisioning of data. Analytic Insights Module is capable of supporting a whole host of applications and business processes ranging from electronic fraud detection and customer experience optimization, to predictive machine maintenance.

While a fully integrated infrastructure and architecture are critical components of achieving business success with data analytics, equally (or more) important is ensuring that there are business-supported, ROI-producing use cases to deploy on that infrastructure. To that end, Analytic Insights Module is supported with strategic consulting services to ensure that these go hand-in-hand.

While an Analytic Insights Module deployment is designed end-to-end to support multiple business outcomes through analytics, many Dell EMC customers choose to take advantage of Dell EMC’s Big Data Consulting offerings before, during, and/or after deployment to help businesses reach their goals faster. These services employ our industry-leading big data consultants and data scientists, to align IT and the business around goals for analytics, validate specific use cases and architecture choices and ensure comprehensive support for an Analytic Insights Module deployment. Dell EMC Professional Services also builds out and deploys functioning, effective analytics use cases into production, with appropriate organizational governance.

Think of Analytic Insights Module as a great holiday present: delivered to your doorstep, unwrapped, fully assembled and tested, with batteries included and instructions provided.  Standard installation services that come with Analytic Insights Module teach you how to use your new toy.  Dell EMC consulting experts make sure you know how to do wheelies and stunts – how to impress and out-compete your neighbors – all while keeping your company’s data safe.

Here are just some of the capabilities Dell EMC’s Big Data Consulting brings to the table:

Pre deployment Services:

  • Build organizational consensus around the need to move into the big data / IOT space
  • Confirm and prioritize use cases
  • Link business & IT goals
  • Showcase illustrative big data analytics and statistical techniques
  • Prove the value in a use case: A/B testing, business case construction, results tracking

During deployment Services:

  • Design and deploy a governance model for how Analytic Insights module gets used
  • Review data sources; build semantic maps
  • Customize Data-as-a-Service capability and deploy a data catalogue
  • Build and deploy advanced data-science driven use cases
  • Execute analytic insights process: moving from development to test to production

Post deployment Services:

  • Data lake administration services
  • On site or offshore Data Scientist support for advanced analytics
  • Data and organizational governance
  • Program management support

For most Analytic Insights Module customers, it is critically important to derive value as soon as possible.  That value – in the form of measurable results for use cases such as fraud reduction, cost savings or revenue enhancement – helps make the case for change and continued growth around an analytic practice with the organization. A couple great examples of Dell EMC Big Data consulting support from recent customers include:

  • Documented, consolidated and prioritized 60 use cases for a large credit card issuer to set the analytics priorities across the organization
  • Created and executed a marketing campaign to enhance individual guest experiences utilizing predictive analytics for a large resort & casino.
  • Deployed data governance and semantic mapping for several large hospital chains; helping to ensure they get full value out of service providers and datasets
  • Designed and operated a governance process for multiple customers to assign priority to planned analytics use cases and deployments

Check out this short, 2 minute video where the CIO, CFO and CMO of a recent Analytic Insights Module customer discuss the importance of Consulting Services:

Pechanga Resort and Casino

Get the most out of the Analytics Insight Module by leveraging Dell EMC’s Big Data Consulting Services.  Let us help you drive business value and scale with both business and IT support.  Let Dell EMC Big Data Consulting help you get the most out of your deployment!  For more information on Analytic Insights Module value-added Services, please contact your Dell EMC representative and visit:

Joshua Siegel

About Joshua Siegel

Director, Big Data & IOT Consulting Dell EMC

Josh Siegel has nearly 20 years experience in business strategy and process, application and data solutions design and delivery. He assists large enterprise clients with strategy and implementation around Big Data transformations. Solutions developed and implemented in Financial Services, Retail & Gaming, and Health Services among other industries. Previous to this role, Josh led Big Data Transformation for EMC’s Financial Services Industry Vertical and EMC Professional Services’ Cards & Payments Practice. Prior to joining EMC Consulting in 2010, he was Senior Manager for Financial Services at BearingPoint working with large Financial Services institutions on a variety of change initiatives. Josh was also senior project manager at IBM Business Consulting Services and a senior analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Josh attended the Yale School of Management where he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Finance Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

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