EMC World 2015… more relevant than ever!

By Jay Snyder May 27, 2015

EMC-GS-May-the-4th1-300x145Wow.  I’m not really sure what else to say about EMC World this year, but “wow.”  I’ve been going to EMC World for years, and every year it’s crazy busy — meetings with customers, partners and analysts.  But this year wasn’t just busy, it was impactful and — to be blunt – relevant like never before.  The conversations from years gone by about products, services and how we might “partner up” really shifted to strategic discussions on how we must focus, prioritize and drive transformation together farther and faster.  New, clear conversations were about EMC being key to making both our customers and partners successful in this next generation technology revolution.

What’s changed?  Well, how about everything? 

For starters, we know that the market has changed faster than we’ve ever seen before, but we sometimes lose sight of just how fast EMC has evolved to meet the market where it’s headed.  We’ve built solutions like Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Federation Data Lake that allow our customers to jump start success in this technology revolution.  Almost every person I spoke with at EMC World was excited about using Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud as an accelerant to PaaS coupled with DevOps  —  almost like a holy grail of IT.   But now possible with EMC.

I met with a great customer from NY, and we discussed why they are buying into the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud vision.  No surprise — it’s the fastest way to get to a next generation architecture.  I asked more, “but why do you care?”  The simply stated reply:  “DevOps.  We need it yesterday, and this will get us there.”   I sat with another customer in the financial industry from Los Angeles who is trying to understand how to modernize their application portfolio and instantiate a true data model.   After trying several times and failing, they are now moving down the path with EMC Services.  They love our approach, methodology and more important how the data captured can be used to help define a true data architecture.

These are just a couple of examples of conversations I had with customers needing to move faster, realizing they are holding back key business initiatives,  and ultimately the success of getting products and services to market.   This is relevant.  This is impactful.  This is not your father’s EMC.

Analysts… also clear conversations about EMC being key to customer and partner success.  While our customers are looking for EMC to provide business outcomes, the analyst community is coming up to speed on the fact we are NOT our father’s storage company.  In fact, a few analysts were pleasantly surprised about the types of predictive analytics and transformational services that are in our portfolio and customer successes.  To be fair, they may have been surprised because we haven’t branded ourselves a solution provider (yet).   However, it’s clear that with a strong point of view on transforming IT and analytics, coupled with a deep line of customer references on how to undertake these endeavors, the EMC brand is evolving.

Relevance continued … Last year at EMC World, we featured Scott Harrison, CEO of Charity Water as part of EMC Gives Back.  He returned to EMC World this year, with a water well to remind us all just how precious clean drinking water is.  EMC’s goal is to raise $1M in 2015 for this cause.  Talk about being relevant and having a transformational impact — it doesn’t get any more real than giving back!

The music… was better than ever…  Aloe Blacc, Fall Out Boy and yes, OneRepublic.   Another Wow!   Top performers for our top customers, and they were incredible.    Each performer left it all on stage, and after 35 meetings in 3 days, I can tell you I left it all on the field too.  More inspired and fired up to be a part of what EMC is doing than ever!

So, I mixed a lot of thoughts together to provide a summary of EMC World, but let me take you back to where I started with relevance.  Our agenda, our solutions and the services we use to glue it all together have made EMC more relevant than ever.  If you missed EMC World or don’t know about the impactful and relevant solutions EMC has to offer, you need to.   They are game changing, because they need to be. The game has changed.

About Jay Snyder

Jay Snyder has 23 years of experience in the technology industry. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President for the Americas Services organization at EMC.

Previously Jay’s management positions included COO of Americas Sales and Customer Operations, vice president of sales operations for EMC’s Northern California enterprise business and GM for the America’s Infrastructure Consulting group. He has also led professional services and channels for EMC’s western division. Prior to EMC, Jay was senior director for technology alliances at PeopleSoft and a senior manager at Accenture.

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