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Welcoming the Members of the EMC Elect 2015

By Mark Browne February 23, 2015

347028-graphic-emc-elect-2015-hires-jpgWell today has been a long time coming. In its third year, the EMC Elect program continues to be the premier advocacy program from EMC. What makes it unique is that it’s for the community and by the community.

Members of the EMC Elect of 2014 were chosen as a Nominee Selection/ Judging panel to evaluate and score the nominations. Now that has never been an easy task for these people, and this year was probably the hardest of all. It was really tough for the Selectors/ Judges, as the caliber of the nominees was quite high in most cases. But they got there in the end and now here we are.

Following an evaluation of 450 nominations, and getting down to 200 finalists, we came out with 102 EMC Elect members for 2015. The list will have some familiar names and new ones. See it here.

It’s exciting to see the anticipation for the announcement. And EMC Elect has really become a coveted title. I know there will be a slew of excitement as the new Elect members joyfully share their news. There will be plenty of analysis of who’s in and where they are from and the breakdown. All good stuff to know and you can learn a bit more from some of our Nominee selectors / Judges. Check out Rob Koper’s blog and Dave Henry’s blog on the subject.

What I want to call out in my own blog is the intention of EMC Elect in 2015. It’s going to be about empowering the members. We are still going to deliver on the excellent EMC Elect experience as we have always done. The private community, private briefings, the betas, inside look and the fun of EMC World and other conferences will continue. In addition to these things this year we intend to redefine the experience by empowering the EMC Elect to expand those social conversation about the Industry and EMC to other venues beyond the typical conference events.

This means that EMC Elect members can pick their own venue to talk about the Elect program, the industry and the technology / services involving EMC anywhere they choose. That can be around a pizza with 4 people or at an internal or external conference or user group. and we are also at looking at ways for the EMC Elect to get together at EMC briefing centers around the World for mini user conferences / groups.

All of this is intended to expand the EMC Elect members horizons and let them do what they do well naturally. They are naturally curious and knowledgeable about technology, passionate about their community and authentic about what they share.

It gives the members more opportunity to speak at other events beyond the traditional ones and allows more people to interact with the members. And its fun too. And who knows the collaborative and creative direction these events and discussions  could take amogst people. it should be very interesting and fun. So congratulations to all of the EMC Elect of 2015. Its the third installment of EMC Elect and its going to be the most exciting one yet. See you out there.


And Yes even the EMC Elect take selfies 🙂

For more blogs by Mark Browne, visit his blog, Bayside Chronicle.

About Mark Browne

Mark has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, in technical and customer support. Mark serves as the Community Manager for the EMC Community Network (ECN) Support Community Forums.
These forums are a big deal: ECN has over a quarter of a million members, including customers, partners, and EMC employees.

Mark can be found posting regularly on these forums and is the curator of the Ask the Expert Forum. He also supports operations and advises on best practices and tools for the Support Community, where his passion for customer support and open, peer-to-peer communication helps this community remain one of the largest on ECN.

Based out of Cork, Ireland, Mark is a SCUBA diving enthusiast and is a crew member of his local Life Boat station.

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