How to Drive Adoption of Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Norman Dee By Norman Dee Global Practice Lead, Operating Model Consulting Service Enablement January 22, 2018

Converged and hyper-converged infrastructures simplify and streamline the delivery of IT services and operations. But the challenge has been in driving adoption and consumption of these infrastructures to accelerate business outcomes.

It’s all about the IT operating model – the people and processes that support the converged services. A new approach is needed, one that focuses on end-to-end service delivery providing a first-rate experience for your end users.

How it’s Done

Start with an initial set of service-focused IT processes that span the service management lifecycle: from service strategy, to service design, to service construction and transition, to service operation.

Key processes that need to be considered include Service Portfolio Management, Service Catalog Management, Service Asset & Configuration Management, Request Fulfillment and Incident Management.

Then implement the processes in an automation tool to streamline operations, automate approvals, improve service quality, and enforce compliance policies.

In terms of the people, the team will need to adopt new roles and skills. Start with a set of service management roles that align to IT processes. For example, roles like Service Portfolio Manager, Service Catalog Manager, and Request Fulfillment Manager. There also may be a need of a set of infrastructure roles that align to the converged platforms. Roles like Converged Platform Architect, Converged Platform Engineer, and Converged Platform Administrator.

Just to clarify, a role is not a person. A role is a set of responsibilities and activities, and a single person can take on multiple roles. So existing IT staff can be leveraged for the new roles, staff that’s been freed-up because of the simpler IT.

Watch this video to learn about the processes and roles you need to effectively support and utilize your converged systems.

By having the right organization and processes in place you can drive adoption and consumption across the business, and have a solid foundation for your future IT initiatives.

Norman Dee

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Global Practice Lead, Operating Model Consulting Service Enablement

Norman Dee is the Global Practice Lead for Operating Model Enablement at Dell EMC covering transformation tools for Operating Model, IT Financial Management/Business Case and Capacity Planning. In his role, he helps enterprises fully understand the technical and financial benefits of operating model and infrastructure transformations. His career has spanned roles from directing worldwide projects to CTO/CIO, across multiple industries including financial services, publishing and online retail.

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