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The IT Trust Storymap: A Tale of Two Cities…

By Scott Burgess February 24, 2014

Ask two different people what TRUST means in the context of information technology, and you are guaranteed to get two different answers.   However, the answers that I’ve been getting to that question over the past few months have begun to converge.  As part of my role at EMC, I am tasked with accelerating this convergence.  To that end I’d like to introduce you all to the IT Trust Storymap directly below (*click on image for a nifty zoom-in).

EMC2 IT Trust Storymap

Like we have done with the EMC Big Data Storymap and EMC IT Transformation Storymap embedded in the storymap are additional thought leadership pieces which help provide additional depth of our perspective on Trust and each of the specific areas within the Trust Storymap.  This is the first of several posts that provide written, and visual metaphors for all the different aspects of EMC’s IT Trust stack resulting in an interactive perspective. 

I will be your guide to walk you through the storymap and show how these work together.   This video will help you traverse the storymap section by section.

Trust is the foundation of everything we do here at EMC.  You see it in our world class storage systems, our market defining software, and our advanced consulting services that glue together differentiating and transformational solutions for our customers. We created the Trust Storymap to help communicate key concepts related to Trust and describe them in a way that will help people remember how these ideas work together.

TRUST from the foundation up…

The components of Trust build upon one another, so let’s look at them from the bottom up.


An IT environment that cannot be accessed by dependent systems and business owners is the ultimate showstopper.  It cannot be backed up and it cannot be secured.  Our story map metaphor paints this picture by depicting power as the dependency upon which everything else relies.  Without it there is no clean flowing water, no security alarms, no traffic lights. This has never been truer than it is today.


Providing our customers with resilient data backup for application, operational, or end user information is a fundamental requirement for mitigating risk and ensuring the resiliency of information at rest.  The collection, storage, and distribution of clean water to the right consumer is used to represent the core requirement of backup and recovery.  In the same way bad data is replaced by backed up, good data.  Stored clean water can be provided in case of drought or polluted water.


Ensuring integrity and appropriate access to information is the final layer of our IT Trust stack.  This is the most visible component given its touch points with our business consumers, partners, and application vendors.  Likewise, we represent security in the form of police and fire departments charged with the safety of our homes and personal property.

In subsequent posts, I will be further detailing some of the differences we have visually depicted here between “Risky City” and “Trustville”

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