Demonstrating the Value of Enterprise Hybrid Cloud at EMC World 2015

Edward Newman By Edward Newman April 21, 2015

It’s been just about a year now since we announced the EHC solution at EMC World 2014, and boy what a difference a year makes.

EMC GS May the 4thAs EMC World 2015 is fast approaching, I’m really looking forward to being there to hear the planned further announcements and enhancements to the EHC solution, and to demonstrate the success we’ve had in delivering it to customers over the course of this past year. I’m excited to share some of the customer stories that we’ve collected, and also to get some feedback from customers and attendees alike on what we can do to grow and enhance the solution as it continues to evolve. I’m also hoping to hear some further announcements about other federation solutions and new product offerings while at the show.

One of the things that we’ve been seeing a lot more of at EMC World in recent years are the Birds of a Feather sessions. It seems that every year we have more and more of these sessions, and they really are a great way to get a bunch of our customers together to share their real world experiences. The topics covered in these sessions in the past have ranged from EHC to management, etc. This year, one of our GS lead Birds of a Feather sessions that I’m looking forward to hearing is, “What Every Infrastructure Manager Needs to Know about Application Transformation.” Application transformation is something we have talked a lot about with customers over the past year, and our portfolio of offerings has expanded many capabilities in this area, so it will be interesting to hear how customers are using technologies in this space. That’s what makes these sessions powerful, they grants us the ability to take one of our solutions or products and learn about what our customers are doing with it in their own environments.

I’m looking forward to Jez Humble’s Enterprise DevOps keynote session, Continuous Integration and Delivery are capabilities many of our customers and partners are trying to establish within their organizations to drive value and agility. And Doug Cutting should have an excellent session on Big Data, an area that I’m really excited and passionate about. I think C. J. Desai’s keynote on Wednesday is going to blow people away, I’m really excited to hear what our customers and partners think about his announcements!

Through sessions and customer highlights, I look forward to demonstrating at EMC World this year how we in GS ‘make it real’ for our customers. We will be able to share stories about how we’ve done this over the past year through EHC customer installs and transformations. The focus will really be on following up on success stories and what we’ve learned through the process of implementation. This year we will be able to show the value of the solution and why our customers should use it as a basis for their transformation. We can demonstrate things such as time to value, and can quantify impact in more ways around agility and cost savings. I think the nature of the conference, even though it gets bigger every year, it feels smaller because of how effective we’ve become at using the sessions, booths and Birds of a Feather sessions to spend more one on one time with our customers, and that’s what I’m most excited about this year.

I will be giving a session at the show titled, “Learnings from the Leading Edge: Real Ways IT is Creating Value with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud” on Monday, May 4th at 1:30pm. During the session I will be talking about some of the real world examples we’ve seen of customers obtaining value and transformation utilizing the EHC solution. I’d be happy to meet with you and discuss hybrid cloud, big data, and DevOps after my session or during the rest of the week!

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