EMC World 2015 Reflections

Edward Newman By Edward Newman May 19, 2015

EMC-GS-May-the-4th1-300x145EMC World gets bigger each year, and engagement during the convention continues to improve too. This year, we added some very cool things, such as “Federation Day” and a number of very interesting sessions from IT experts in the IT Leadership Track. On Monday, I had a pretty good crowd for my session, “Learnings from the Leading Edge: Real Ways IT is Creating Value with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.” During the session, I shared some insight on how our customers are extending their Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud to release value and drive consumption.


I received a lot of really great questions during the session, including some around the practical ways to consume Hybrid Cloud with existing workloads, what new roles are required when transforming to Hybrid Cloud, and how to set up your cloud when multiple business units are consuming it – multi-tenant versus microsegmentation. There seemed to be a lot of interest in how EMC Education is helping prepare customers for the transformation to Hybrid Cloud through various classes and certification programs.


On Tuesday, I facilitated a great Birds of a Feather session on adopting DevOps and Continuous Integration and Delivery with subject matter experts from EMC Professional Services and EMC Cloud Services. Steve Gonzales from EMC Cloud Services shared some anecdotes from his experience running a 10,000 node cloud and gave practical tips on getting started with DevOps and CI like: “pick one simple thing and just get started”. Bart Driscoll from EMC Professional Services shared some stories of customer adoption and walked everyone through how automation and collaboration drives CI/CD pipelines and delivers results.


There were a bunch of great questions during this session on how to gain executive support for adopting DevOps and CI/CD, how to include not just applications but infrastructure in your CICD efforts, and some candidate talk on the pain points associated with adopting this in a “brown field” environment. Bart and Steve shared some resources for further information on adopting Continuous Delivery:

I was also lucky enough to have several really productive conversations with partners, customers, and analysts during the week that gave me a number of things to work on. I also attended some great sessions, my favorite being Jez Humble’s presentation on Enterprise DevOps. We of course launched a number of new and updated products and solutions as well. I’m really excited about the VxRack launch, especially with the reveal of OnRack, our hardware abstraction layer, for more information on that you should read Chad’s excellent blog here. The product I am most looking forward to “playing” with and utilizing for customer solutions is our Project Caspian “industrialized software stack and converged infrastructure” solution. You can see a pretty compelling demo below.

It was an awesome week and I am grateful to have gotten to spend so much time with our customers and partners. Here’s to EMC World 2016!

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