Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: Even More Brokering, Automation, and Business Value

Edward Newman By Edward Newman August 31, 2015

federation enterprise hybrid cloudI’ve spent the better part of the last two years working with our Solutions team on bringing our Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution to market with a suite of comprehensive services. One of the key attributes of the design of the solution is that it is meant to continue to evolve and grow, bringing additional value to its users with each new release. Today, we are announcing many of the details regarding the next few releases and the additional features and capabilities they will bring. It is exciting to see how a solution that started as an accelerator for customers to launch Infrastructure as a Service and Hybrid Cloud capabilities has grown to include more self-service, automation, scaling, and an extended ecosystem. While there have been great strides made in regards to the technology that makes up the solution and our integration with even more market leading third party software and hardware, it is the integration of lessons learned regarding Day 2 management, additional and more complex -aaS templates, and more engineered workflows that allow the solution to deliver simplicity AND agility.


The power of the hybrid cloud lies in the ability to broker services from multiple providers on and off-premises, allowing the diverse workloads in your enterprise portfolio to be serviced in the way that makes the most business sense. The new release of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud can broker services from even more public and virtual private cloud providers. Now you can choose your cloud deployment based on the right cost, reliability profile, performance, and security across a broad range of VMware vCloud Air Service Providers, and EMC Cloud Services Providers. And if your workload is best suited to OpenStack you can choose that too, as it will be possible to install VMware integrated OpenStack on the same infrastructure as Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. So, if that route is best for you, you could make one investment in infrastructure and run both VMware and OpenStack environments using the same tools.


Our Solutions team has taken the advances in technology since the previous version release and built even more capability and value through the integration of lessons learned and additional workflows and automation. The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is engineered to increase simplicity through automation and orchestration. Delivering services, applications, and management transparency is key to changing the relationship between IT and the Business and to enabling IT as a Service. The rise of Agile and DevOps and the increased expectations of end users for self-service require IT to automate in order to compete and survive. The Federation has built workflows and service templates to address the common requests from the solution’s early adopters, all aimed at making the management of the hybrid cloud environment easier. You can build and publish complex services that allow for the provisioning and management of your applications, incorporating virtual machines, software and tools, backup, disaster recovery, continuous availability, intelligent monitoring, and scale up and scale down. The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud utilizes automation and orchestration to enable you to provision, manage, monitor, and report on IT services that deliver real business value to your users.

The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is built to help our customers accelerate time to value, helping IT enable business outcomes while also addressing cost. The new VCE VxRack hyper-converged infrastructure option allows the solution to offer infrastructure consumption in smaller chunks, and scale storage and compute independently by node. This leads to better economics and simpler scale-out for workloads, enabling more of the enterprise application portfolio to be addressed. The solution also increases visibility into your IT environment by delivering financial transparency with VMware vRealize Business. You can charge the business only for what they use and provide visibility into the true costs of your IT services.

There are many more capabilities and features of the upcoming releases of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud than can fit into one blog post, but I wanted to give you an overview of a few ways that the solution delivers more brokering, automation, and business value.

You can find out more about the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud new features and solution improvements here.

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