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Transformation: Getting Requirements and Automation Right

Edward Newman By Edward Newman October 5, 2012

IT transformation is a hot topic these days, but for these programs to succeed, you need to change a number of the ways in which IT works.

A while back, I made a video that addresses two of these key elements of how IT needs to change:

  1. Changing the language in which IT gathers requirements from the business.  Business doesn’t want to specify IT components, they want IT to abstract these components into services using business language, not IT language.   I illustrate this point in the video with a few examples.
  2. Streamlining IT processes so that they can take advantage of the speed advantages of automation while still satisfying compliance and policy considerations.  This sounds hard to do, but our experience is that policies can be defined and automated in such a way that requests within bounds can be pre-approved without manual intervention.  I offer an example in the video based on change management.


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