VMworld 2015 Preview and Expectations

Edward Newman By Edward Newman August 31, 2015

vmworld-2015_carousel_2As VMworld 2015 is kicking off in San Francisco this week, I’m looking forward to being at the show to hear some exciting announcements and to share in my own session how customers are using our Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution in their own environments.

Last year at VMworld, VMware announced a variety of exciting things, specifically around their support for containers and open-source software, and at a high level what their improvements and advancements were in that space. This year, I am expecting to hear how they have continued to elaborate on these areas in the year that has passed. There also were some announcements about improvements to their suites, as they re-branded their previously named vCloud Suite to the vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform.

Many of our customers are adopting the vRealize Suite. They are on a quest to find that workflow master and “orchestrator of orchestrators,” so to speak, and that is a single software stack that will tie together all the pieces and parts of their data center to simplify and unify management. vRealize enables this vision for many of our customers, so I’m greatly looking forward to what types of things VMware has done with that in the past year as well.

In addition to further integration and improvements of things announced last year, I expect to hear a lot more about open-source software and various approaches to that in general at this year’s show. DevOps and automation are big players in this space, so I expect to hear those buzz words flying around a bunch in regards to conversations about open-source. I am really looking forward to hearing more about that and to see what we hear from the product teams on those advancements.

I’m also certainly anticipating continued announcements around improvements to the base product, vSphere, and how that continues to improve in terms of features, functionality, performance, and availability. I expect to hear about how the solution has expanded to integrate even more options around disaster recovery and continuous availability.

In regards to our own Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, we’ve made significant improvements over the last year and are continuing to expand our solutions around it. I’ll have more about the announcements that will occur around our solution, and potentially some additional solutions later in the week.

My own breakout session, titled “Learning from the Leading Edge: Real Ways IT Is Creating Value with Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud,” is Monday at 5:00pm PST. During the session, I will be talking about how our customers are adopting software-defined data centers to provide an agile platform for ITaaS and lower their operational costs. I will be sharing insights from a variety of real-world implementations of our Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution and the business and technical benefits clients are realizing as they achieve their software-defined data center goals.

How FEHC works

I will be reviewing several examples of how customers are utilizing the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud’s features and functions to realize business value and address agility and cost reduction in their environments. I will cover use cases like self-service, PaaS, Hadoop as a Service, and touch on some of the operational changes our customers are making to realize the full potential of the solution.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the show this week, happy VMworld!

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