4 Ms of Big Data: Make Me More Money – Infographic

Bill Schmarzo By Bill Schmarzo April 30, 2014

You’ve heard about the 3 Vs of Big Data (volume, variety, velocity) but do you know how to turn Big Data into Big Dollars?

In my recent blog entitled “4 Ms of Big Data: Make Me More Money!!,” I will show you how to turn Big Data into a profit. I discuss how to build a business strategy that monetizes Big Data to create value and enhance user experience.

View the data points in the infographic below to see real-world applications of the 4 Ms of Big Data.

Be sure to check back here on InFocus soon for a deeper dive into driving business strategy.

Infographic ThumbnailClick the icon to the left to download the infographic below.



Make sure to take time and explore the other parts of the 4 Ms infographic series.


4Ms of Big Data Infographic

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