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9 Categories of a Digital Audit

By Zimm Zimmermann June 24, 2011

These days, a company cannot truly reach its full potential without a strong digital presence, nor can it understand the full strength of its digital presence without auditing its digital functionalities.

But the digital realm is massive and overwhelming.  (Please feel free to imagine some Jean-Michel Jarre theme music attached to that statement as you say the aforementioned phrase  out loud  with a strong booming voice.)

My recommendation is to simplify the ‘massive and overwhelming’ into something easy and manageable, e.g., the “9 Categories”.

Simply group your digital audit into 9 related categories.  For example, I tend to use the following:

  • Social
  • Search
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Site / Domain
  • Landing Pages
  • Display
  • Human*
  • Advertisement*

Yes, yes.  I have heard many of you group search in tandem with a social or landing pages associated with your website. However, for auditing purposes, I tend to separate them out accordingly.

*For these two points of digital audit and the reasons that they should be included, you might want to reference my next blog entitled  “Digital Media Takeover”.   Going forward, these two are going to be as relevant as the other pieces that will be looked at in further study.

After you have grouped your digital assets  into 9 manageable pieces, you can then decide if you want to attempt auditing them all at once, for which you will need a small team to accomplish (hint, hint), or to audit them one at a time. If you go with the latter, , I would suggest starting off with an easy one (e.g. email, site, or search).

Either way, you can expect to be doing some off-hours research or hiring a consultant company to come in and help you.  (Again with the hints. ~ )

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